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Part of the NCS Colour Product Ecosystem

for Professionals

The smartness of the NCS System available on any device. Integrated  directly into your creative workflow.

NCS+ on the web

Navigate the NCS system

The popular NCS Navigator is finally back in your browser

Navigate the entire NCS system on a big screen using the NCS Navigator and find exactly the colour you need in an intuitive way. Ever had a hard time finding "just the right red"? Then the Navigator is for you!

Collaborative Boards

Collaborate in colour projects, with anyone, anywhere

Need a way to communicate colour and collaborate in projects with colleagues working from home or from another city/country? Work together by adding colours and pictures, name them after their purpose and share the results with your clients.

Translate to & from NCS

No more shady websites and uncertain colour translations

Translate NCS notations to and from other colour formats like RGB, CMYK and Lab. We're constantly working to find the closest representations of our colour standards in other formats, so that you can rely on the fact that you're using the most correct values out there.

Export to other software

For 3D modeling, for print, for digital art, for your purpose

Whatever purpose you want to use your colours for it is likely that we can export them into a format that suits you. We support exports to Adobe softwares, Vectorworks, Powerpoint and Figma, to name a few. 

Combine colours

Find harmonising colours based on NCS research

Based on the NCS System, colours can be combined through their NCS notations following nuance, hue, blackness, chromaticness, whiteness or NCS lightness. You can therefore rely on the fact that whatever colour you pick from combinations will always harmonise.

Switch between devices

Lose no progress, always access your content

Do you already have the NCS+ mobile app? Perfect, use the same account to log into the web version (PRO) and all your saved information will follow. Any scans or changes made in the mobile app will update in real time in the web version.

NCS S 1010-R40B

Extract colours

Extract NCS Notations from images

We know that it's difficult to turn digital inspiration into a functioning colour palette. With the Extract tool you can simply upload images and turn your inspiration into NCS Notations.


The NCS Product Ecosystem

Supporting the workflow of creative professionals

Creative professionals




  • Scan physical objects with the NCS Colourpin to make the colours digital and find out their NCS notation.

  • Use the translate functionality to translate colours you've found online into NCS.

  • Document your colour choices in Boards and never loose a colour sample again.

  • Work seamlessly between physical and digital. Our digital and physical products are built on the same logic, and work perfectly together.

  • Invite people to view your Board and get quick feedback.

  • Use NCS+ to export colours to the format you need for your presentations.

  • Invite people to add colours and upload inspiration themselves in a shared Board.

Colourpin pro
Colourpin 2

Colourpin II & PRO

Turn real life inspiration into a NCS notation.

Use it to scan any surface and get the closest matching NCS notations directly in the NCS+ mobile app.

NCS+ mobile


The entire NCS system available in the palm of your hand.

Explore our collections, navigate within the NCS colour space, scan colours with your colourpin, get measurement data & save colours you like.

NCS+ web


Everything available in the mobile app, and more. 

Get instant access to everything you've saved, created and matched in the mobile app in your browser. Export colours for use in a multitude of softwares used by creatives. Collaborate with others in projects.

Pro vs. Starter

What is the difference?

NCS+ Pro

NCS+ Starter

Extract NCS from images
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Collaborate in Boards
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Translate colours to & from NCS
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Export NCS colours (i.e. Adobe)
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Free-form Boards
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Colour palette
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Explore collections
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NCS Navigator
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Create Boards
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Combine colours
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Search & Filter
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See recent Scans
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Scan with Colourpin
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Sign up now and try NCS+ Pro for 2 weeks for free.

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